Tagore Publisher launches Daniela Migliari: “Embrace to the Shadow”

In her first book, the author invites the reader to look at himself with generosity and self-love.
















Feelings, mistakes, failures. Why not treat yourself kindly in the process of evolution? In search of a new way of learning, lightly and lovingly, the book “Embrace to the Shadow” takes a look at self-knowledge about the pains, entanglements and psychic defenses: each plunge of the author to these depths brings a new understanding, a new text, whose collection is part of this book.

For Rossandro Klinjey, the work's proponent, "Embrace to the Shadow" does not propose any panacea, let alone ready-made recipes. Offer, yes, something that can heal the soul of many pains. “Daniela has done something for herself that has served me in an impactful way,” says the nationally renowned speaker and psychologist. “You will see courage, soul stripping, personal surrender. It is a book that shows how to love yourself, including, and above all, the shadows, pacifying the soul in a balsamic way, ”he adds.


The publication is available in the print version by Tagore Editora and in the digital ebook version by Amazon, both in its first edition. “I write from the place of 'patient of myself' and, in this simple approach, embrace my mistakes as the closest way to getting it right,” says Daniela. Therefore, the reading process of this work offers the possibility to try to welcome one's own shadow and perhaps find a lighter way of living.


The book featured the work of Brazilian artist Pedro Sangeon, who is the author of the character Gurulino, whose self-knowledge theme is also his main brand.













About the author

Daniela Migliari is a journalist and writer, born in Brasilia, where she lives. In her quest for self-knowledge, she found in the craft of writing a loving way of getting in touch with herself, with all the richness and complexity of human experience. Married and mother of three, she is active in the spiritist environment, although she is open to all spiritual manifestations. Since 2016, she has studied Family Constellations as a graduate student at Hellingerschule. In her Facebook and Youtube pages - Daniela Migliari Writer - shares some of these inner conversations, finding great resonance in the hearts of her readers, coming from many places in Brazil and around the world.

SERVICE - "Embrace in the Shadow" Book

Printed Book for Sale at Amazon: https://amzn.to/2LneEyB


Printed Book for Sale at Tagore Editora: http://bit.ly/abraco-a-sombra-comprar

Ebook for sale on Amazon:: https://amzn.to/2BpDaKR 

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