Family Constellations in the judiciary

In 2006 Dr. Sami Storch was acting in Itabuna County, Bahia, and was the first Brazilian judge to use the constellations for conflict resolution in court proceedings. Later in 2015 at the invitation of Bert Hellinger, the constellation creator himself, the judge went to present the results of his work in Germany to an audience and over 500 people from various countries. His presentation showed the surprising rates of agreement where the constellations applied. Currently 11 Brazilian states have successfully used the same family constellation techniques to facilitate resolution in their courts.


Since the 1970s German philosopher Bert Hellinger has applied this therapy as a way to help people resolve their relationship difficulties. Hellinger found that by looking at situations of conflict in a systemic way, that is, broad and interconnected with everyone in the context, a new understanding of events is observed. At the head of the Hellinger Sciencia School, the couple Bert and Sophie deepen the constellation techniques by presenting them in various countries around the world. Making sure that the sensations that emerge from a “morphological field”, widely disseminated in the 1990s and scientifically proven, constellations today are used in the therapeutic area as well as in health, pedagogy and the judiciary. Rupert Sheldrake is one of the disseminating scientists of this field, and according to the discoveries of science it contains all the necessary information to each case. Through the constellation the field is accessible even though in some cases the information was not even known to those involved. Through the constellation it is possible to look at family situations generating understanding of everything that happened in the family system. This new look allows the person to take another view of possible solutions.


How can this technique be useful today for the judiciary? Lawyers, advocates, judges, and prosecutors note that the constellation has benefits by allowing the parties involved to look at the situation systemically, looking at what was out of order, what was out of balance, and accepting and assuming their responsibilities. The professional need not advise or use any didactic form of help. The person himself is able to look at the solution, resulting in a profound change that is independent of his social or cultural condition.


For example, in a divorce and child custody process, the constellation may show that one spouse, through grief or resentment, excludes the partner by creating an image that he or she is "not good for children." With this the children suffer, because there is no way to separate the parents in the child, as this is the result of both, and the child does not want to "betray" either parent. Through the constellation, parents (or even when only one partner comes) realize what their children are feeling, recognize that both have given their children their lives and that the children are not owned by either of them. Parents are at the service of their children's development and both are part. And when these parents can tell their children “we are separated, but we will always be together” in a sincere way, it brings relief to children who feel free to love both of them. Understanding the situation by applying constellations often shows parents that the best place for their children is with their most respectful partner. Professionals who work with these Hellinger techniques observe that after the constellation the client changes his view of the situation, abandons revenge or victimization, assumes his responsibilities, and accepts the limitations of each.


What is surprising to magistrates who use constellation techniques is that even when only one party attends the constellation, conciliation results happen in over 90% of cases. These positive indices encouraged in 2016 the creation of the first Graduate Course in Systemic Law offered by the Brazilian College INNOVARE in partnership with the CUDEC University of Mexico and taught here in Brazil by German Hellinger Sciencia faculty. Legal professionals and magistrates are preparing and proving the good results with this work with families, adolescent offenders, child abandonment situations and adoptions, as well as the criminal area. It is also possible that lawyers using constellation techniques, looking at the client's family system with a fresh look, will produce far more beneficial arrangements for both parties by becoming a benchmark in the field. Recognized for the results obtained in his work with the constellations, Dr. Sami Storch was honored in 2015 with the “Conciliar é Legal Award” from the National Council of Justice. Currently the practice is approved according to Resolution CNJ No. 125/2010 making it easier for legal professionals to use family constellations.


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